A lightweight, well-designed metronome app for Android.

업데이트됨 5 시간 전

A multiplatform pixel art graphics library, with fun lighting effects. WIP.

업데이트됨 6 일 전

The source code of my personal website!

업데이트됨 1 주 전

Introduction project for ENGLIT0512

업데이트됨 1 개월 전

fun Java MIDI API things

업데이트됨 1 개월 전

A "universal" / normalized API wrapper for git hosting services.

업데이트됨 2 달 전

A responsive CSS framework, built on bootstrap utility classes.

업데이트됨 2 달 전

The website for Horrific Development.

업데이트됨 3 달 전

Automated API documentation for Ktor/JVM servers

업데이트됨 6 달 전

aight is a command-line tool for getting todo tasks quickly.

업데이트됨 7 달 전

Horrific.Dev's fork of the Mastodon project, hosted @ is.a.horrific.dev.

업데이트됨 8 달 전

A collection of scripts & documentation for HorrificDev hosting.

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