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  James Fenn b19540744e update docker files 3 months ago
  James Fenn 498407aa24 add docker configuration 3 months ago
  James Fenn 17292bce4e fix many pages, add events list 3 months ago
  James Fenn 5943e0b83e hacky method of awaiting promises during SSR 6 months ago
  James Fenn 60576af516 update information 6 months ago
  James Fenn bd039576bf fix cards/links on join page 6 months ago
  James Fenn 6b4f99da66 various improvements 6 months ago
  James Fenn a63fa6c3f9 configure SSR 6 months ago
  James Fenn b6290db77f add image assets 6 months ago
  James Fenn 8559fc3ecd add wiki pages 6 months ago
  James Fenn b77c263337 start svelte rewrite 6 months ago
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  James Fenn 7cb878e2eb update footer link 10 months ago
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  James Fenn 53cdc62389 add wiki to site 10 months ago
  James Fenn f7e51c9123 drastic styling changes, incomplete 10 months ago
  Sean Bailey ae4fb21d25 hosting page 11 months ago
  Sean Bailey 02fcecd27d taglines 11 months ago
  James Fenn 7cdf23e007 update time 1 year ago
  Travis CI 8fc285ab02 oops 1 year ago
  James Fenn beea28558e event meta info 1 year ago
  James Fenn 71836ed927 add event metadata 1 year ago
  James Fenn 41742636e5 fix date formatting, correct web session time 1 year ago
  James Fenn dff2257ba7 restructure events, add sigbovik to calendar 1 year ago
  James Fenn 208b00456a remove obnoxious header (oops) 1 year ago
  James Fenn 7e74ae578f add events page in html 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 86f28ccf2e added events.json 1 year ago
  James Fenn ae125305ba testing change to deploy workflow 1 year ago
  James Fenn 6a28ca31a0 trigger rebuild 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey aac824a716
Merge pull request #2 from HorrificDev/manifesto 1 year ago
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  James Fenn cc2eab5005
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