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  James Fenn 5c619e2a11 add properties to instance model 4 months ago
  James Fenn 6042877cd5 add example yml to readme 5 months ago
  James Fenn 53f7f889c6 add "components" heading 6 months ago
  James Fenn 8f9afe310b move daemon utils into config instance 6 months ago
  James Fenn ecf5177323 implement RSA encryption to verify user source 6 months ago
  James Fenn 4e3a69d25c add "admin" command / attribute 6 months ago
  James Fenn d7ddd3090b add crypto library, begin writing createUser function 6 months ago
  James Fenn 84fd17ec7b fix things 6 months ago
  James Fenn 5bdd6304b7 add docker interface 6 months ago
  James Fenn 06dd08d5a0 add instance utils... 6 months ago
  James Fenn b78b36215e oops 6 months ago
  James Fenn fde41efe7b fix... config file idiocy 6 months ago
  James Fenn 59451845b4 add readme & help message(s) 6 months ago
  James Fenn 971e32aadd modify dbus rules 6 months ago
  James Fenn 2127db6d08 implement reserve/release port service commands 6 months ago
  James Fenn 0ed5f6cb63 update workflow again 6 months ago
  James Fenn 51b6bfe374 update workflow again 6 months ago
  James Fenn 92da386333 pass config through daemon functions 6 months ago
  James Fenn e44add7708 update workflow 6 months ago
  James Fenn 61f9f58fda pass user struct to daemon / log service stdout 6 months ago
  James Fenn 5e382861d3 implement systemd service/daemon + dbus communication 6 months ago
  James Fenn a670a58484 convert json to string-map 6 months ago
  James Fenn e02131d99d add port-related commands 6 months ago
  James Fenn 8347913a69 switch json library, fix compilation errors 6 months ago
  James Fenn d8b638a8f4 did things... not compiling 7 months ago
  James Fenn b968eb9460 initial dlang things 7 months ago
  James Fenn 00eaf89eb9 add test workflow 11 months ago
  James Fenn 3155d1089a update readme 1 year ago
  James Fenn 60d058a7d9 update readme 1 year ago
  James Fenn 575f33b0b6 place hooks in root dir 1 year ago
  James Fenn 0fadf3b962 fix git fetch behavior 1 year ago
  James Fenn 37e2110035 handle switchuser properly - fix bugs 1 year ago
  James Fenn 99f7128628 fix new repo behavior 1 year ago
  James Fenn 32e4afb73e improve functionality 1 year ago
  James Fenn 66db697783 fakeroot fun 1 year ago
  James Fenn f3f82a6b29 fakeroot things 1 year ago
  James Fenn 563be65c5e add useful help messages 1 year ago
  James Fenn 7797629cbe improve make commands 1 year ago
  James Fenn d7cd9a8a2a formatting 1 year ago
  James Fenn 155db391b9 fix help message 1 year ago
  James Fenn 9c3b67df12 hide output by default 1 year ago
  James Fenn 6b7ae998a7 add bash syntax checks 1 year ago
  James Fenn 06bb2cc5dc add things 1 year ago
  James Fenn acf2c959e2 begin writing ci scripts 1 year ago
  James Fenn 411eaf346e add make functionality 1 year ago
  James Fenn 9bbbe857c0 add global / make scripts 1 year ago
  James Fenn a6f04c358e add base script extension 1 year ago
  James Fenn 080f5afcac create makefile / basic script 1 year ago