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Eugen Rochko d6486c969f
Bump version to 3.4.1 (#16350)
3 months ago
action_dispatch replace all instances of "ends_with?" with "end_with?" (#15745) 7 months ago
active_record Remove dependency on pluck_each gem (#16012) 5 months ago
assets Add emoji autosuggest (#5053) 4 years ago
chewy/strategy Fix unnecessary queries when batch-removing statuses, 100x faster (#15387) 9 months ago
devise Fix authentication before 2FA challenge (#11943) 2 years ago
generators Add post-deployment migration system (#8182) 3 years ago
json_ld Fixed code quality issues (#15541) 7 months ago
mastodon Bump version to 3.4.1 (#16350) 3 months ago
paperclip Fix animated GIF generates animated thumbnail (#16216) 4 months ago
rails Fix obsolete digitalocean.rake file breaking rake tasks (#15618) 7 months ago
redis Change Redis#exists calls to Redis#exists? to avoid deprecation warning (#14191) 1 year ago
sanitize_ext Prepare Mastodon for zeitwerk autoloader (#15917) 6 months ago
tasks Add more checks to `repo:check_locales_files` (#16249) 4 months ago
templates Add post-deployment migration system (#8182) 3 years ago
terrapin Add Ruby 3.0 support (#16046) 4 months ago
webpacker Add subresource integrity for JS and CSS assets (#15096) 10 months ago
cli.rb Deal with collation-related index corruption (#14860) 10 months ago
enumerable.rb Optimize map { ... }.compact calls (#15513) 8 months ago
exceptions.rb Fix media redownload worker retrying on unexpected response codes (#16111) 4 months ago