48 Commits (master)

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  James Fenn f4b46a46ac fix some lighting glitches & edge cases 1 week ago
  James Fenn c3f39fd031 mix light colors asynchronously 1 week ago
  James Fenn 85fd74f200 change Color type to Long (use typealias) 1 week ago
  James Fenn 30605df215 move light-tracing to Luminance classes 1 week ago
  James Fenn 1f1fa76aab rewrite IntVector impl. as Long 1 week ago
  James Fenn 5925ccb382 various performance fixes 3 weeks ago
  James Fenn 28d0bb6ac2 fix bugs and things 3 weeks ago
  James Fenn 68f413be5c reimplement the entire drawing process 3 weeks ago
  James Fenn 0df7859105 update example package 3 weeks ago
  James Fenn 3b48c9ea1a various changes 9 months ago
  James Fenn 59be781ce5 invalid pixels hack 9 months ago
  James Fenn a3e22e9431 reduce object allocations 9 months ago
  James Fenn 9f2621be05 separate lights from pixel classes 9 months ago
  James Fenn d3403431d8 various render types 9 months ago
  James Fenn 71b79828c6 improved light / rendering loop 9 months ago
  James Fenn e7cd6d079b things with lights and things 9 months ago
  James Fenn b9147e2503 more accurate color multiplication 9 months ago
  James Fenn b7d3d32e28 create API, jvm implementation 9 months ago
  James Fenn 74ef1ea42b change module to kotlin-multiplatform 9 months ago
  James Fenn 31f320b902 rename packages, fullscreen jframe 9 months ago
  James Fenn 18f4292b3b remove some unused code / clean up stuff 9 months ago
  James Fenn 0c52670d24 add readme 9 months ago
  James Fenn 54b13a1eca add 'area' symbol, hacky canvas threading 9 months ago
  James Fenn 40f65b6ceb better testing map 9 months ago
  James Fenn 30297f5bf2 various performance improvements...? 9 months ago
  James Fenn b6b64524e7 less specific spatialmap 9 months ago
  James Fenn dd3314cd4d fun shadows! 9 months ago
  James Fenn 49b427e93e more accurate RGB color mixing 9 months ago
  James Fenn 91ab642209 implement map/file parser 9 months ago
  James Fenn d6de9708f9 improve color mixing 9 months ago
  James Fenn 9f426b0f9e bad hacky map implementation 9 months ago
  James Fenn 626778826c modify vector hashcode/ratio 1 year ago
  James Fenn 03f17b2251 modify color classes 1 year ago
  James Fenn 97131dd2e2 add areafactory interface for less terrible generics 1 year ago
  James Fenn fb8c76f881 nothing is working 1 year ago
  James Fenn f204faae37 add some vague docs 1 year ago
  James Fenn de038d8153 finish radius impl 1 year ago
  James Fenn 8dc4b4b7fb refactor random things 1 year ago
  James Fenn 80c384e1fa set up fields for shadows, add environment data class 1 year ago
  James Fenn ab067191e2 add SpriteGroup class (for tiled sprites) 1 year ago
  James Fenn 0992ec2ef5 fix sprite/env behavior 1 year ago
  James Fenn 96fceabf5e improve light handling somewhat 1 year ago
  James Fenn 74f62ab682 add swing implementation 1 year ago
  James Fenn 5a0cf43c23 write basic (and totally non-performant) render function 1 year ago
  James Fenn 212895c006 fix vector circles 1 year ago
  James Fenn b1e01c2476 random functionality 1 year ago
  James Fenn 4f72d41775 assorted additions 1 year ago
  James Fenn 8b293da363 Initial commit 1 year ago