A collection of custom hat models using the carved pumpkin item
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This datapack adds a set of custom hat models for the carved pumpkin item. These all have crafting recipies which allow them to be obtained in survival; most regular hats are craftable by combining a carved pumpkin with a certian dye color.

Regular Hats
  • black dye → top hat
  • blue dye → wizard hat
  • green dye → froggy hat
  • purple dye → witch hat
  • white dye → party hat
  • yellow dye → construction helmet
Special Hats
  • gold ingot → tuba
  • glass block → space helmet
  • glass pane → diving helmet
Secret Hats
  • oak sapling → oak tree disguise
  • spruce sapling → spruce tree disguise


The first model under the 'Secret Hats' dropdown is adapted from Eli95's resource pack.