Allows players to seamlessly switch spectate/survival modes and reset to their survival position
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This datapack defines a /trigger spectate command that allows players to switch between the Survival and Spectator gamemodes. When switching to Spectator, a marker will be created at the player's location, which the player will immediately teleport to when switching back to Survival.

This means that, while Spectator can be used for looking around and exploring, it cannot be used as a method of fast-travel. It also eliminates the possible confusion of players accidentally suffocating in walls when leaving Spectator mode in an undesirable location.

I recommend using a custom command mod, such as CustomCommands, to map /trigger spectate to something like /s.

Please note: This datapack uses the /forceload command to keep its marker entities loaded while players are in Spectator mode. This may cause performance issues on servers with many players. The datapack should automatically remove loaded chunks when they are no longer needed, but it may be helpful to confirm this with /forceload query if anything strange occurs.