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Update README.md 1 year ago
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  Sean Bailey ea0a71c0ae
Merge pull request #29 from theonesean/unittest 1 year ago
  James Fenn 098bbba3b8 add tests for hasher class - #14 1 year ago
  James Fenn af80709aae handle 'www.' in remote urls 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey e0869b5775 pretty-printing task ID with leftpadding 1 year ago
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  Sean Bailey 17e763a344 capitalization 1 year ago
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  James Fenn 9d8ade7b2e update list / print command 1 year ago
  James Fenn c26c2c883f normalize indents 1 year ago
  James Fenn a9e914eda4 unicode ellipsis 1 year ago
  James Fenn 99134434e8 pretty tables 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 1dbc471666
Merge pull request #18 from fennifith/master 1 year ago
  James Fenn 4a7049cf6a random printer fixes 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 33e7c54375 add folx as alias for peeps 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 37b0b1ee7e
Merge pull request #16 from theonesean/list-mode 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 33cb0c1c7e i'm an idiot. 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey a23c61ef35 cleanup 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey bf34d6b1ef code review changes 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey bd5a3548c0 list mode completed 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey de1c5fdf4a single list print function implemented 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 5ae663ab9a
Merge pull request #15 from fennifith/master 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 0a245fa352 progress with list printing 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey e085806c97 add Mac-specific install location to Makefile 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 8a12c1c2c2 add list printing mode 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 31690ef8b3
Update README.md 1 year ago
  James Fenn b5fbef858f update workflow & help msg 1 year ago
  James Fenn d700cb95d0 add provider debugging 1 year ago
  James Fenn 765e8fa724 update git workflow 1 year ago
  James Fenn 5b8397394f remove failing/useless install task 1 year ago
  James Fenn 51f6ec9edf add error logging with --verbose, enforce human-readable IDs 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 4006a19799
Merge pull request #3 from fennifith/master 1 year ago
  James Fenn b283a78bdb fail to consecutive provider on error 1 year ago
  James Fenn 80d5acb58a add a veeerrry slow github projects impl 1 year ago
  James Fenn cd91845f80 update README 1 year ago
  James Fenn c6c7ff8c2d fixed github issues provider 1 year ago
  James Fenn e58d6e42dd regex machine broke 1 year ago
  James Fenn 6a1b44cd44 update makefile, create pkgbuild 1 year ago
  James Fenn 92c53e2d51 refactor individual providers into separate files 1 year ago
  James Fenn 9010001939 parse json manually to allow abstraction from trello 1 year ago
  James Fenn 28a15edec2 rename * group to a more comprehensive "defaults" 1 year ago
  James Fenn d152268831 add list/show subcommands 1 year ago
  Sean Bailey 499fa62ca9
Merge pull request #2 from fennifith/master 1 year ago
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